Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat are the Directors of 100 More Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive and its predecessor 100 Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive contain the same combination of inspirational quotations and practice suggestions as the "Practices of the Day" that appear on the homepage and are archived here.

This small gift book includes 100 more quotations and related ideas for keeping the soul nourished, engaged, and present in everyday life. The Brussats have collected insights from such writers as Paulo Coelho, Deng Ming-Dao, Sue Monk Kidd, Joyce Rupp, Sharon Salzberg, David Steindl-Rast, Bettina Vitell, Jim Wallis, and more. Some of the 100 "ways" recommended are: Recognize Teachers, Tune in to Your Body, Quit Whining, Take a Break, Cultivate Resiliency, and Utter Blessings.

Each quotation is accompanied by a suggestion on how to practice the idea in daily life. In the introduction, the Brussats note some of the things they have learned about this type of spiritual activity. For example, practices are usually very concrete. Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice is a process, and it changes over time. Practices don't have to be complicated.