"A stone is a powerful piece of natural teaching that we can easily and simply get in touch with both physically and symbolically," writes symbologist and human powerment professional James Wanless. Anyone who has ever felt a mystical connection with stones will savor all the delights in this enchanting little book.

The adventure of finding just the right stone for you puts you in touch with ancient gatherers and shamans from around the world. Yours can be good medicine as a tool for personal growth and development. For those who are so inclined, it can also be an oracle. Wanless has suggestions for the art of "stonecasting."

In 24 chapters, the author spins out various ways in which stones are teachers for us. "Let little stone be a vehicle, a focusing point, to trigger your own intuition." Wanless shows how this "friend for life" can serve as a conveyer of wisdom, a protector, an example of self-creation, a metaphor for peace, and a model of simplicity. Give Little Stone as a gift to other lovers of stones and tell them to do the same.