"Believe nothing. Entertain possibilities," notes Caroline W. Casey, an astrological consultant and creator of Inner and Outer Space, a nine-hour spoken-word audiocassette series. She believes astrology is descriptive, instructive, and celebratory. It is "a remedial tool to retrain us once again to be able to converse with the universe."

Casey opens this book with a series of innovative readings of the twelve signs of the zodiac. She moves on to some mind-expanding and philosophically rich commentary on the planets as archetypal principles representing the inner aspects of self. For example, Neptune draws out our imagination, dreams, and vision; Jupiter awakens our passionate curiosity; and Pluto begins the work of transformation.

Casey recalls the head of a Jesuit monastery saying to her, "I had no idea astrology was such an accurate, elegant and specific language of spiritual practice." And so it is in this remarkable book which brims over with practical rituals of self-renewal, suggestions for nurturing creativity, ways to deal with dark moods, and pathways to honor the spirit in all things. Casey reframes astrology as a tool of personal and collective liberation. She ably demonstrates how this esoteric system can be used to heighten the spiritual practices of imagination, wonder, reverence, and meaning.

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