Dick Staub is an award-winning broadcaster, writer, and speaker interested in spiritual quests and the search for meaning in contemporary culture. About You presents a fresh interpretation of the ancient themes of creation, fall, and redemption aimed at Christians and spiritual seekers of all stripes. He takes his cue from St. Irenaeus who said: "The glory of God is man fully alive," and Hans Rookmaaker who concluded, "Jesus didn't come to make us Christian; Jesus came to make us fully human." Staub uses these two perspectives to launch his investigation into the Christian adventure of people who are truly alive.

The starting point of the human journey is gratitude for being created by God in his image. We are born, according to the author, to express ourselves and fulfill our special calling and destiny as individuals. We are also challenged to live and work in collaboration with others. We all yearn to get back to the garden — that storied place where we learned that freedom is built on personal responsibility and the consequences of our actions. Through sin we experience dehumanization, which Staub defines as "the shattering and deterioration of everything that made us special." This results in our diminishment — "spiritually, intellectually, creatively, relationally, and morally." The path back to our humanness begins with coming to our senses and then receiving the gift of new life from Jesus. Staub writes: "The good news is that Jesus can restore your soul, renew your mind, rekindle your creativity, reform your morality, and rebuild your relationships."

Staub concludes with some suggestions for those who are becoming fully human and fully alive: aim high, engage holistically, go deep, grow each day in each way, don't give up, serve, collaborate, and more. He quotes Angelus Silesius: "Come drink and have your fill, all is for you and free; Divinity itself shall your banquet be."