Ann Bolinger-McQuade has always sensed that the world is alive, nurturing, and filled with personal oracles — concepts deeply seeded in her Native American ancestry. No doubt that is why she begins this book with a quotation from an Old Apache Storyteller:

"The plants, rocks, fire, water are all alive.
They watch us and see our needs.
They see when we have nothing to protect us and it
is then they reveal themselves and speak to us."

Personal oracles are messages that come to us just when we need them. Bolinger-McQuade defines them as "sources of guidance and support that continually flow through everything in the universe. They come to each of us in the form of timely messages that resonate through every form imaginable and illuminate our inter-connectedness. These life-affirming messages dissolve, if only for an instant, the illusion that we are separate."

Bolinger-McQuade has identified five main categories for personal oracles: conduits, mirrors, synchronicities, signs and symbols, and invisible moving sidewalks. Although everyone has different experiences with these oracles, the author takes a look at some common ones including clouds, animals, earth whispers, numbers, memory imprints, and cledons ("Those statements you overhear that give you the perfect answer to something that is going on in your life at the time").

With finesse Bolinger-McQuade goes on to assess oracles as healing tools, dreams and visions, and as messages from the Spirit world. In the appendix of this paperback, you will find "Tips, Tools, and Exercises for Tuning In to Your Personal Oracles."

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