In Confessions: The Making of a Post-Denominational Priest Matthew Fox tracks 50 some years of his spiritual adventures from his upbringing in Madison, Wisconsin, to his expulsion from the Dominican Order of the Catholic Church and his ordination as an Anglican priest. The author of 16 books has derived valuable spiritual teachings from his adolescent bout with polio, his theological education in Paris, his beloved dog Tristan, and his work with the Institute of Culture and Creation Spirituality, which he founded.

Fox's holistic approach to spirituality takes within its ample embrace politics, the arts, mysticism, feminism, science, environmentalism, and ecumenism. Although he still bears the pain of being dismissed from the Dominican Order, the author has found new vitality in ritual making and liturgical experimentation for young people all over the world. Confessions by Matthew Fox shows just how exhilarating post-denominational Christianity can be.