In Minyan Rami M. Shapiro writes: "Spirituality is a conscious practice of living out the highest ethical ideals in the concreteness of your everyday life." The author, who is rabbi of Temple Beth Or in Miami, Florida, believes that each individual is a unique expression of God's presence in the world. In order to fulfill our potential, we can take the Ten Commandments as vows, or daily affirmations of spiritual intent. Shapiro spells out just what this means and then moves on to the ten principles for living a life of integrity. They are meditation, repetition of a sacred phrase, inspirational reading, attention to the present moment, generosity, kindness performed with no thought of reward, dreamwork, ethical consumption, self-perfection, and celebration of the Sabbath.

Although this primer on spirituality is based on the Hasidic tradition, it has relevance to the quest for purpose and meaning of all seekers. Best of all, everything in Minyan is practical, poetic, and mystical. Drink deep of the sagacity on these pages and your spiritual practices will be enriched immeasurably.

Try a Spiritual Practice on Forgiveness