God Is a Verb by Rabbi David A. Cooper is a masterwork filled with insights, epiphanies, and fresh approaches to the hidden secrets of the universe. In clear and substantive ways, the author of Entering the Sacred Mountain opens up the wisdom teachings of Kabbalah and challenges us "to develop new connections and heart-openings with the Divine Source of existence."

Rabbi Cooper's integration of study, daily practice, and contemplative exercises makes him an ideal guide into mystical Judaism. With great erudition and elan, he explicates the Kabbalistic understanding of God as a verb and our copartnership in God-ing. He discusses the spiritual work of repairing our souls and the soul of the world, multiplicity as the purposeful aspect of creation, the mind of bigness, the principle of continuous creation, the importance of finding a soulmate, the role of fate and miracles, the meaning of the mystical chariot and messianic consciousness, twelve paths to heightened awareness, divine providence, and death and resurrection.

Rabbi Cooper is one of those special spiritual teachers who has studied the world's wisdom traditions as part of his ongoing efforts to share the messages of his own tradition. The one truth that comes through loud and clear is "Things are more than we think they are." God Is a Verb will enable you to detect and revel in the mysteries of life and death.

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