Spirituality & Health, Health & Spirituality is a timely and cogent Christian perspective on wellness. The author of Crystal & Cross: Christians and New Age in Creative Dialogue heralds Jesus as a healer of mind, body, and spirit who saw salvation in terms of the totality of life. Epperly celebrates St. Paul's vision of the body as the temple of God ( I Corinthians 6:19), seeing it as a good starting place for believers who want to regard healthy eating habits, stress reduction, and exercise as spiritual practices. The author quotes W. H. Auden's challenge "to love God in the world of the flesh."

Epperly outlines four disciplines of holistic spiritual transformation. He reveals the importance of the sabbath as a healing sanctuary in time. He sees daily meditation as a discipline which can center our lives. He shares biblical affirmations which lift his spirit. The fourth practice is the use of creative visualizations and imagination as tools God has given us to transform our days. In chapters on prayer and the search for the miraculous, Epperly demonstrates the important role of faith in healing and in supporting those who are ill. This excellent paperback vividly connects recent developments in holistic health to the resources and traditions of the Christian faith. Bravo!