James Hillman's The Soul's Code is a high-wire act of inspired creativity, spunk, and dazzling insights. The originator of archetypal psychology presents his acorn theory of human nature where each individual's soul has its own distinctive passion, calling, and destiny. Hillman tears to shreds the widespread idea that our lives are determined by parental influence. He celebrates "the remarkable singularity of individuals" who live out their calling and fulfill their destiny despite terrible childhoods, doing poorly in school, and having low IQs.

With immense erudition and great literary flare, Hillman discusses "growing down," falling in love, mentoring, fatalism, and "the bad seed." He notes that "the great task of a life-sustaining culture is to keep the invisibles intact." Throughout this brilliant work, Hillman pays tribute to the acorn's resistance to reduction and its ability to make the most of imagination, intuition, fantasy, and "the purposive eye." The Soul's Code will enable you to reframe your autobiography and to envision the death that belongs to your destiny.