Thomas Moore calls this book "a manual for fostering all kinds of soulful relationships, first by becoming aware of the nature of soul, especially its role in intimacy, and then by discovering concrete ways in which such relationships can be tended." There are chapters on the soulful dimensions of love, marriage, family, friendship, and community. Moore draws on illustrative material from Greek mythology, theology, poetry, Sufi writing, psychology, contemporary culture, and his practice as a psychotherapist.

The most precious form of relationship is a soul mate, which Moore defines as "someone to whom we feel profoundly connected, as though the communicating and the communing that takes place between us were not the product of intentional efforts but rather a divine grace." Again and again, the author refers to the spiritual undertow of true intimacy and challenges readers to pay attention to the different cycles, moods, transitions, and rhythms in all relationships.

Moore sees marriage, family, friendship, and community as "vessels in which soul making can be accomplished." We can enrich these relationships by honoring their mystery and by bringing style into them. This also means that we acknowledge the shadow side of intimacy where soul moves in relationship problems. We can't fix things easily but must patiently listen to what our fantasies and deepest desires are telling us.

Caring for the soul in relationships helps us realize more clearly the divine presence in our intimacy with loved ones, family, friends, and community. In the process, we are transformed and sent on our way rejoicing. Relationship, writes Moore, is "the discovery of ways soul is incarnated in the world." Soul Mates is tailor-made for students of soul and proves that Thomas Moore has hit high stride as a spiritual teacher.