Whatever spiritual path you’re on, this e-course will equip you with a wide array of skills to help you find your way in the realm of divine love. With scholarly breadth and spiritual prowess, Mirabai Starr draws wisdom from the essence of not only the three Abrahamic faiths — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam — but also Buddhist, Hindu, and other traditions. She expresses a depth of devotion to the divine “suchness” that lies beyond all categories, offering clear and direct teachings and contemplative practices that will nourish your mind and heart.

Known for her rev­o­lu­tion­ary trans­la­tions of John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, and Julian of Nor­wich, Mirabai has taught Philosophy and World Religions at The University of New Mexico since 1993. She writes, speaks, and leads retreats on the interspiritual teach­ings of the mystics and is the author of the highly acclaimed God of Love, which Ram Dass calls “a confluence of the currents of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity emptying into the great ocean of Love.”

In this e-course, Mirabai leads us into the depths of our own soul, providing encouragement and practical advice along the way. Her vast knowledge of the world’s religions and her intimate experience with multiple mystical traditions place Mirabai in a rare position to translate and interweave their echoing messages of love and unity. With authentic wisdom marked by deep humility, she gently shows us how to live openly in grace and empowers us to work for justice and peace.

In emails delivered at the pace you choose, you will receive:

  • Links to four video teachings
  • Video instructions for key spiritual practices: Centering Prayer, Metta, Tonglen, and Mindfulness Meditation
  • Journal prompts to help you engage in writing as a spiritual practice
  • Select passages from God of Love
  • A recording of a group teleconference in which Mirabai spoke informally and answered questions.

E-course themes include:

  • The oneness of the Divine and unitive consciousness
  • Embodied spirituality and the immanence of the Holy One
  • Turning within to the ethical teachings imprinted on our hearts
  • The connection between personal suffering and longing for God

Mirabai builds bridges not only between reli­gious tra­di­tions, but also between con­tem­pla­tive life and com­pas­sion­ate ser­vice, between cultivating an inner rela­tion­ship with the Beloved and express­ing that inti­macy in com­mu­nity, between the trans­for­ma­tional power of loss and long­ing for the sacred. If you are ready to deepen your personal relationship with the God of Love and experience the pure unity that abides in these depths, you won’t want to miss this e-course.

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