Anthony de Mello (1931 – 1987) was an Indian-born Jesuit priest, spiritual director, and psychotherapist. He was renowned worldwide for his workshops, retreats, and prayer courses rooted in the Christian Gospels and the mystical traditions of East and West. An early pioneer of the interspirituality movement, he demonstrated how different religious traditions have similar spiritual practices. His own "sadhana" was drawn from Ignatian spirituality, yoga, Buddhist insight meditation, Hindu breathing exercises, and psychological insights.

Perhaps the most popular of de Mello's many books are his collections of story meditations and "one minute wisdom." Other books present the key themes of his workshops, including the importance of awareness both of one's own behavior and God's loving presence, the need to wake up and come back to your senses, the problems caused by fear and attachment, the way to change yourself and become happy, and the value of silence, meditation, and a variety of other prayer practices.

We invite you to join us "Practicing Spirituality with Anthony de Mello," a 40-day exploration of this teacher's legacy. We'll reflect on his teachings, recognize ourselves in his stories, and try his practices. This e-course will be led by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, co-directors of Spirituality & Practice, who have created nearly 50 e-courses in this popular series. Each email you receive, on the schedule that you choose, will contain:

• a short reading excerpted from one of Anthony de Mello's books; there will be a mix of his teachings from retreats, wisdom stories, and spiritual practices;
• a suggestion for how you can "practice that thought" as you go about your day
• a link to our review of the book where we found the reading; often with further links to excerpts from the books with more of de Mello's wisdom

Let's wake up together! (6 CEHs for chaplains available.)

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