We live in a time of extraordinary creativity. Like other forms of expression, the art of painting is reaching into previously unexplored and even uninvented territory like the iPad (the recent work of David Hockney) or like the work on recycled advertising paper torn from the walls in the street by the American artist Mark Bradford, who recently represented the United States at the Venice Biennale. In art the creative impulse seems especially strong currently in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, as well as in Asia.

In this e-course we shall contemplate the work of 12 artists of various ages from around the world who are blurring the boundaries between art and social cultural action, art and everyday materials, and traditional and experimental art forms:

  • Shiva Ahmadi
  • Mark Bradford
  • Hope Gangloff
  • Andrew Goldsworthy
  • David Hockney
  • Shara Hughes
  • Anselm Kiefer
  • Yayoi Kusama
  • Kerry James Marshall
  • Julie Mehretu
  • Gerhardt Richter
  • Jenny Saville

The question of how an artist's paintings speak to our perceptions of self, beauty, vision, and meaning has fascinated Roger Housden for years. It was the catalyst for his book How Rembrandt Reveals Your Beautiful Imperfect Self and his 2020 S&P e-course Revelations of 12 Master Artists.

This program follows the pattern of that previous course, which was popular with people of all spiritual traditions and no tradition. Each of the 12 sessions, which will be sent on the frequency schedule you choose, will include:

  • Housden's teachings about the artist and one chosen work (with a photo of it included in the email);
  • An invitation for you to reflect on your relationship with this art;
  • A set of practices to encourage you to go deeper into the art and its meaning

Roger Housden is the author of 22 books, including the bestselling Ten Poems series. His writing has been featured in many publications, including The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and O: The Oprah Magazine. A native of England, he lives in Marin County, California, and teaches around the world. He's profiled as one of our Living Spiritual Teachers, and because of the enthusiastic reception for his many previous Spirituality & Practice e-courses, he is back by popular demand.

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