"It's so stressful at work," a friend told us recently, "that sometimes I need to take a break and visit your website. I read a few quotes from the Practices of the Day archives or an excerpt from a book review. I may also visit one of the pages about spiritual practices. It's like a little Sabbath that nourishes me and helps me go on." Another visitor wrote that the daily emails in one of our e-courses "set the tone of my mornings at work and give me the opportunity to refocus and reconsider what is worthwhile and essential in my life."

This e-course is specifically designed to help you practice your spirituality at work. Insights from the marvelous spiritual writers whose books we review have certainly helped us find meaning, purpose, and joy in our workdays. Our work can be a gate to spiritual practice, helping us discover our connections to the sacred, to our deepest selves, and to the whole Creation. But we need to approach it with that intention, and that may require a little reframing.

In his fine book The Reinvention of Work, Matthew Fox recalled the words of mystic Meister Eckhart: "The outward work can never be small if the inward one is great, and the outward work can never be great or good if the inward is small or of little worth." This 40-part e-course is about doing the inner work necessary to make your outer work more meaningful.

Our teachers will be Matthew Fox, Lewis Richmond, Jeffrey Salkin, Frederick Buechner, Thomas Moore, Jose Hobday, Thomas Merton, David Whyte, Marsha Sinetar, Joan Chittister, and others. Each quote will be matched to a practice that you can do at work during the day. We'll cover such common challenges as envy, comparisons, expectations, boredom, repetition, time, speed, and ambition, and we'll suggest ways to practice presence, kindness, gratitude, silence, play, and joy in the workplace.

(6 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

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