"Who are these Protestants?" you may ask. Listening to the American media, you could easily think that there is only one type of Protestant Christian today and that they are politically and religiously conservative, i.e. the "religious right." But increasingly other Protestants are making their voices heard. They have many names: the mainline churches, Lutherans, Presbyterians, United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, Methodists, and others. They are some of the voices that are shaping what Marcus Borg calls the "emerging paradigm" within Christianity with its emphasis upon a relationship with the Divine and personal transformation. Our favorite name for them is "progressive Protestants."

As Joseph Driskill writes in Protestant Spiritual Exercises, they demonstrate commitments "to critical reflection, to hearing the voices of the dispossessed, to inclusiveness, and to racial equality." This rich tradition offers spiritual practices that reflect an emphasis upon both head and heart, love and justice, prayer and social action.

During this e-course, we will practice spirituality with progressive Protestants — people like Annie Lamott, Frederick Buechner, Hugh Prather, Ted Loder, Bruce Epperly, Jane Vennard, Walter Wink, Donna Schaper, Heidi Neumark, Kathleen Norris, Sallie McFague, William Sloane Coffin, Will D. Campbell, Martin Marty, Robert Raines, and many others. Our emphasis will be on the ways the commitments of this tradition can be expressed in your everyday activities. We believe this approach will enrich your spiritual life whether you are a Protestant, from another religious tradition, or still seeking your path.

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