Rumi has been quoted everywhere for years now, usually in bite size portions — a line, a couplet, or a quatrain — but it is possible to go deeper, to explore the many themes that form a coherent whole in Rumi’s literary and spiritual legacy. Most importantly, the inspired words of a true spiritual master are nourishment for the soul at a time when such nourishment is vital to sustaining our humanness itself. Reflecting upon these sacred texts can kindle the precious spark of wisdom within ourselves.

For this Online Retreat, a group of practicing Sufis, who have been on Rumi's path for many years under the direction of Shaikh Kabir Helminski and Shaikha Camille Helminski, have collaborated to offer some selections from Rumi's vast work that capture the essence of his teaching. Depending upon the frequency you chose when you schedule the course, you will receive seven weeks' worth of emails with a selection from Rumi to be contemplated according to a recommended method of conscious reflection.

We are calling this retreat "The Journey of the Soul" because it focuses on the practical steps of the spiritual journey. It covers seven themes:

• The Call
• Seeking
• Mercy
• Purity of Heart
• Trust
• Surrender in Love
• Oneness of Being

Each week one theme will be introduced and mentored by one of the Sufi elders; later in the week he or she will relate a personal experience of living that theme.

We believe you will find these selections from the teachings of Rumi not only beautiful and inspiring, but informative and practical.

This Online Retreat has been developed by the Threshold Society, which is affiliated with The Mevlevi Order of Sufis. The Mevlevis, who trace their inspiration back seven centuries to Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi, are known for their hospitality to religious seekers of all traditions. Spirituality & Practice is pleased to partner with the Threshold Society to bring these teachings to our online community. We hope that you will enjoy the retreat and that it will also be deeply transformative to your spiritual understanding.

(7 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

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