David Richo, Ph.D., M.F.T., is a psychotherapist, teacher, workshop leader, and writer. He combines Jungian, poetic, and mythic perspectives in his work with the intention of integrating the psychological and the spiritual. His work includes particular attention to Buddhist practices.

Richo received his BA in psychology from Saint John's Seminary in Brighton, Massachusetts, in 1962, his MA in counseling psychology from Fairfield University in 1969, and his PhD in clinical psychology from Sierra University in 1984. Since 1976, Richo has been a licensed marriage, family, and child counselor in California. In addition to practicing psychotherapy, Richo teaches in a number of places, including Santa Barbara City College, the University of California at Berkeley, Esalen Institute, Spirit Rock Buddhist Center, Pacifica Graduate Institute, and Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. He is currently a clinical supervisor for the Community Counseling Center in Santa Barbara, California.

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