Robert Wuthnow, a professor of sociology at Princeton University and a prolific author, writes about meaningful and ethical actions to take during national crises and disasters. Here is an excerpt from Be Very Afraid on meaning.

F. Lynne Bachleda serves as editor of a top-drawer anthology on the spiritual within nature. Here is an excerpt from Blue Mountain: A Spiritual Anthology Celebrating the Earth on transformation as to know and be known by Nature.

John Stanley, David Loy, and Gyurme Dorje are the editors of this compilation of essays by Buddhist spiritual writers and teachers on the global climate crisis. Here is an essay in A Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency by Hozan Alan Senauke on justice (mending the world).

Bron Taylor presents an impressive overview of the rise and global spread of dark green religion that sees nature as sacred. Here is an excerpt from Dark Green Religion on reverence for nature.

Scientist Richard Pearson has written a timely resource for citizens concerned about the dangers of climate change and the future of biodiversity. Here is an excerpt from Driven to Extinction on the spiritual practice of reverence.

Eco-theologian Jay McDaniel presents a bracing and wide-ranging eco-spirituality for Christians. Here is an excerpt from Earth, Sky, Gods and Mortals on love as expressed in a caring ethic.

Charles Cummings makes a good case for a blend of ecology and spirituality. Here is an excerpt from Eco-Spirituality on reverence.

Thomas Berry, a pioneer in environmentalism, suggests many spiritual steps we can take to nurture and cherish the Earth community. Here is an excerpt from Evening Thoughts on peace and the good Earth.

Steven Chase has assembled a collection of spiritual practices to deepen and enhance our companionship with nature. Here is an excerpt from A Field Guide to Nature as Spiritual Practice on connections.

John R. Stowe presents exercises to help us relate in a more meaningful way with nature. Here are some imaginative suggestions from The Findhorn Book of Connecting with Nature on being intimate with a tree.

Episcopal priest and author Nancy Roth challenges Christians to put faith into ecological action to save the planet. Here is an excerpt from Grounded in Love on the practice of justice.

In a soul-stirring theological work, Sallie McFague calls Christians to be courageous in a world of gross inequities and rampant selfishness. In this excerpt from Life Abundant, she explores our involvement in doing justice.

Brazilian theologian Leonardo Boff presents a cogent reading of the 23rd Psalm with its insights into human suffering and the divine consolations that meet us in our pain. Here is an excerpt from The Lord Is My Shepherd on the nurturing challenges we face as the Earth's caretakers.

Tom Hayden challenges us to give up our exploitation of the earth. Here is an excerpt from The Lost Gospel of Earth on grace which involves surrender and letting go of control.

Ed McGaa has provided a nurturing ecological vision with ideas on ways to heal our wounded earth using the four elements of water, earth, air, and fire. Here is an excerpt from Mother Earth Spirituality on meaning.

Emily Hunter edited this inspiring collection of pieces by 22 young men and women around the world who are trying to save the planet. Here is an excerpt from The Next Eco-Warriors by environmentalist Farley Mowat (Never Cry Wolf) about signs of hope on the horizon.

Joanna Macy and Norbert Gahbler share positive stories of changes taking place around the world that signal "a Great Turning." Here is an invocation from Pass It On by John Seed on connections.

Indian educator Daniel Wildcat pleads for more attention to climate change and the wisdom about the natural world offered by indigenous peoples. Here is an excerpt from Red Alert! on attention.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee has edited a top-drawer collection of essays on spiritual ecology. Here is an excerpt from Spiritual Ecology by John Stanley and David Loy on love.

Margaret Heffernan explores what individuals and institutions can do to stem the tide of ethical disarray in society. Here is an excerpt from Willful Blindness on how our shadow is illustrated by our disregard of the facts of climate change.

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