Before Bedtime by Pragito Dove instructs us to go outside to listen, see, and feel the universe around us before we go to sleep.

Earth Day: 12 Spiritual Practices to Honor the Earth gives us a set of practices we can do to demonstrate kindess and courtesy, express gratitude and wonder, and yield to the beauty and mystery of the Earth.

The Gift of Nature by Jerry M. Ruhl & Robert A. Johnson advises us to take a reverential walk in nature.

Merge with the Elements by Sandra Ingerman deepens our connection to nature through meditation on the elements.

Rejoice in Life by David Adam provides suggestions to increase our wonder at the creation and our enthusiasm for life for each day of the week.

Spiritual Practices for Hot Weather presents us with several tips from sages and seers on how to deal with hot weather.

The Wind that Breathes by Frances Sheridan Goulart offers a devotion on the presence of divinity in nature and options for how you can practice reverence.

More Spiritual Practices on Climate Change