• Birds of Passage offers aharrowing interrogation of capitalism and colonialism infecting an indigenous culture.
  • The End of Poverty? is a hard-hitting documentary that dares to do what no other expose on the subject has done before
  • Bonsai People: The Vision of Muhammad Yunus is a heartfelt and thought-provoking documentary presenting the best tribute to the fire power of the free market to expand and enrich the lives of poor people around the world.
  • The Corporation is a wide-ranging and trenchant depiction of a beast that has grown too powerful and too dangerous to ignore anymore.
  • Hidden in America thoughtfully portrays both the perils of poverty and the difficult dynamics of compassion.
  • Shoplifters stirs outrage at the injustice brought on my economic inequality and touches the heart with its sensitive and soulful advocacy of kind-heartedness.
  • Sorry We Missed You conveys the struggles of a family on the brink of financial collapse and catalyzes empathy for poor and middle-class families.
  • What Would Jesus Buy? profiles the Rev. Billy's Church of Stop Shopping and its prophetic critique of rampant consumerism in America.

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