On this 40-minute film, Father Bede Criffiths (1906-1992), an English Benedictine monk in India, discusses his understanding of the evolution of the Bible. He salutes the four different ways of interpreting scripture (literal, moral, allegorical, and analogical) and is pleased with the varied accounts of Jesus' life in the New Testament. He is most impressed with the fourth gospel: "So John carries the gospel beyond Palestine, beyond the limits of Judaism, and opens it up to a more universal wisdom."

For the most part, Christianity still clings to a masculine patriarchal God. Father Bede challenges us not to use the Bible for divisiveness — especially against women and other religions. He concludes: "Today we are challenged to read the Bible in the context of the Vedanta, Mahayana Buddhism, Taoism, and the Sufi myths." This mystical approach is one that holds great promise for the future.

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