Sandra (Clare Dunne) lives every day in fear that her abusive husband Gary (Ian Lloyd Anderson) will beat her up or attack her daughters, Molly (Molly McCann) and Emma (Ruby Rose O'Hara). Convinced she must escape from the nightmare of her marriage, she starts the truly hard work of beginning anew. Finding a safe place to live is the first challenge. When temporary housing proves inadequate, she comes up with idea of building her own house.

Clare Dunne as Sandra and Ian Lloyd Anderson as Gary

One of her jobs is cleaning house for Peggy (Harriet Walter), an elderly woman who has fond memories of Sandra's mother who had also been her cleaner. She offers Sandra an area in her yard for the house. But after she pays her rent, despite working full time, she doesn't have the money to purchase all the supplies.

Gradually, however, things come together. Peggy continues to give her moral support. Aido (Conleth Hill), a retired contractor who knows the ins-and-outs of building a small house, volunteers to help her. Next, this feisty Irish woman takes on the difficult task of asking friends, neighbors, and strangers to help her for no pay.

Clare Dunne as Sandra and Harriet Walter as Peggy

Phyllida Lloyd, who helmed Mamma Mia!, peppers this story with plenty of lively songs to accompany the building scenes. But the real heart and soul of this celebration is Sandra's immersion in grace. This spiritual quality has a thousand names; we recognize it through surprises, an overflow of goodness, and love freely given within a community. In this uplifting drama, the protagonist is drowning in a sea of troubles and by the end, her soul is "working in the wonders."