One Hundred Flowers is an impressive collection of Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings of enlarged flowers. Here are huge blossoms — the originals are up to 6 feet tall — filling the canvas. With their close-up scale, bold colors, and sensual shapes, these works startled the art world; one reviewer said they make the viewer feel "as if we humans were butterflies."

Talking about how she came to do the flower paintings, Georgia O'Keeffe told Mary Lynn Kotz of ArtNews: "That was in the 20s, and everything was going so fast. Nobody had time to reflect . . . There was a cup and saucer, a spoon and a flower. Well, the flower was perfectly beautiful. It was exquisite, but it was so small you really could not appreciate it for itself. So then and there I decided to paint that flower in all its beauty. If I could paint that flower in a huge scale, then you could not ignore its beauty."

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