Sacred writings are filled with tributes to beauty. Use this one from Rumi during a period of meditation in the morning and during breaks throughout the day. Notice any increased awareness that accompanies the repetition of the mantra.
Breathing in: Every moment . . .
Breathing out: a new beauty.

Other Prayers

Opening Prayer
In the morning light, O God,
may I glimpse again your image deep within me
the threads of eternal glory
woven into the fabric of every man and woman.
Again may I catch sight of the mystery of the human soul
fashioned in your likeness
deeper than knowing
more enduring than time.
And in glimpsing these threads of light
amidst the weakness and distortions of my life
let me be recalled
to the strength and beauty deep in my soul.
Let me be recalled
to the strength and beauty of your image in every living soul.
John Philip Newell in Celtic Christian Spirituality: Essential Writings--Annotated & Explained by Mary C. Earle