• The Compass of Compassion-Based Activism
    By Frank Rogers
    Dr. Rogers identifies twelve principles that invite “a compassion-based activism that fights for justice while loving our opponent,” and he develops a compass with eight coordinates to help us navigate situations of violence or violation.
  • How Wealth Reduces Compassion
    By Daisy Grewal
    Studies show that as people climb the social ladder, their compassionate feelings towards other people decline.
  • Invoking Compassion Within
    By Habib Todd Boerger
    In Islam, God’s quintessence is compassion, humankind’s primordial nature is compassion, and all of creation is an expression and continuation of the precipatory force of God’s compassion.
  • Why Compassion Works Better than Self-Esteem
    By Olga Khazan
    To Kristin Neff, a psychology professor at the University of Texas, proposes self-compassion — treating yourself just like you would your best friends, even when they (you) screw up — as a route to high self-regard.