• Exploring Tenth of December
    Explore the themes and practices from the Tenth of December, American writer George Saunders’ brutally honest yet compassionate story collection. This course has four sessions, each including a summary of a portion of the book, commentary, questions for reflection and practice, and an invitation to journal about what you’re learning.
  • Journey into Mercy
    Join Joan Chittister, a Benedictine sister, soul-stirring speaker, best-selling author, and outspoken advocate of justice, peace and equality for an e-course flowing from the 2016 Jubilee Year of Mercy called by Pope Francis. You will receive 28 readings from Sister Joan, specific invitations to practice mercy, reflection prompts, and an audio clip of a mercy mantra to pray during the week.
  • Practicing Spirituality with Pema Chodron
    Learn from the teachings of Pema Chodron, a very popular Buddhist writer with an accessible style. This e-course offers 40 short readings with a related practice suggestion for cultivating compassion and joy.
  • Practicing Spirituality with Ram Dass
    Absorb wisdom from the life experience of American spiritual teacher, psychologist, and author Ram Dass. This e-course offers 40 emails with reflections and practices about being present, acting with compassion, conscious aging, deep listening, and more.
  • Practicing Spirituality with Sharon Salzberg
    Unfold the riches of meditation with accomplished Buddhist teacher Sharon Salzberg. This 40-part e-course provides short selections from Salzberg’s books on lovingkindness, compassion, generosity, equanimity, peace, love, and more, with suggestion for how to practice.
  • Practicing Spirituality with Thich Nhat Hanh
    In this 40-part course, experience the wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh, a world-renowned writer, spiritual leader, scholar, poet, peace activist, and Buddhist monk. Quotations from his writings and a corresponding practice suggestion offer tools to help you be at peace in every area of your life.
  • The Practice of Compassion: A Multifaith Guide
    In this 12-session e-course, explore compassion with premier teachers from six traditions. Frank Rogers (Christianity), Sally Taylor (Buddhism), Ted Falcon (Judaism), Jamal Rahman (Islam/Sufism), Philip Goldberg (Buddhism), and Thomas Moore (Spiritually Independent) offer reflections and instructions on how compassion is practiced in their traditions.