• A Celebration of Rumi
    Explore the gifts of the great Sufi mystic’s poetry, teachings, and personal witness. These readings about the life and significance of Rumi, plus video clips of poetry readings and meditations, speak to the universal yearning for a closer connection to the Divine; a spiritual vision that is at once sensual, celebratory and pensive; identification with nature and animals; embracing mystery; and most of all, love – in the way we treat our neighbors and in how we relate to the Holy One.
  • Anniversary of 9/11
    Work with primal emotions that surface in response to specific tragedies or to the present global situation – fear, anger, worry, etc. This curated content for reflecting on the events of 9/11 will help you develop the spiritual impulses of compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, hospitality, hope, peace, and unity.
  • Climate Change
    Join us in tackling this environmental, economic, and social problem as a central element of spiritual activism. These quotes, e-course, spiritual practices, films, books, organizations, teachers, and memes about global warming and climate change call us to change our habits and ideas to actions that embody care for the world around us and those with whom we share it.
  • Empathy
    Mine the depth of wisdom that is emerging from research as well as personal experiences of empathy. These practices, articles, books, excerpts, quotes, and more about understanding and sharing the feelings of others will help you understand the nuances of empathy and see what hope for the world it offers.
  • Enemies
    Take a look at the nature of animosity and what we can do from our end to replace it with kindness, hospitality, openness, and compassion. These spiritual practices, articles, blogs, book excerpts and recommendations, film reviews, poems, prayers, quotes, teachings stories and more offer an abundance of methods to face and heal internal and external conflicts.
  • Generosity
    Enjoy the intrinsic rewards of giving, like the high we get from helping others and the caring connections we build. These spiritual practices, articles, books, excerpts, quotes and more about giving from the heart will strengthen your practice of generosity, whether the kindnesses you share are monetary support, wisdom, nonjudgmental listening, or warm greetings with a smile.
  • Guns
    Extend your care for the suffering of those who have experienced violence in which guns play a part. These spiritual practices, articles, blogs, books and excerpts, film reviews, poetry, teaching stories, rituals, prayers, and quotes provide a multifaceted look at the issues of gun violence and gun control.
  • Poverty
    Soul-stirring and thought-provoking reviews, book excerpts, teaching stories, prayers, poems, and quotations offer spiritual perspectives on poverty and its effects. These resources provide much to learn and reflect upon, and much to motivate you to help your neighbors – to take action to change the structures and systems that fuel and perpetuate poverty.
  • Racism
    Gain a deeper understanding of racism in our world and develop empathy and compassion for its victims. These books, books excerpts, quotes, blog posts, personal explorations, and more provide antidotes to the fears and resentments at the root of racism through the spiritual practices of Compassion, Connections, Hope, Hospitality, Imagination, Justice, Kindness, Listening, Love, Meaning, Openness, Peace, Reverence, Shadow, Transformation, Unity, and X – The Mystery.