Ways to practice Connections include honoring ancestors and the communion of saints, home shrines, kinship with animals, and dedication to all beings and future generations.

Actions and Prayers by Nandy Roth Smith is an important reminder to connect what you are doing with what you are praying, and vice versa.

Attend an American Citizenship Ceremony by Habib Todd Boerger shares Christian Millman’s suggestion for cultivating appreciation of our freedoms and strengthening connection to our country and its citizens.

Boring Holes by Terry Bookman fosters reflection on how our actions affect the lives of others.

Connection to a Special Place by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat suggests honoring your connection to a special place by carrying a tangible reminder of it with you.

Eating Ritual by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi prompts us to ponder the connection between the grains and vegetables we eat and the plant’s life -- from fertilization to growth and cultivation.

Red tailed black cockatooGatha for Endangered Species by Barbara Ann Kipfer invites us to recall our connections with plants and animals.

Honor Your Ancestors by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat calls us to foster our connection to those who came before us and those who will come after us by dedicating activities to them.

An Interbeing Drawing by Kristin Ritzau and Thich Nhat Hanh outlines an art project for children designed to illustrate the web of connections for an everyday item.

Intercessory Prayers and Your Medicines by Mary C. Earle inspires us to offer prayers of connection for all others experiencing similar circumstances.

Interview Family Members about Connections by Habib Todd Boerger recommends exploring your family’s connections to other people and places through food, language, travel, sports and more.

Keeping Your Loss in Perspective by Tom Cowan leads us to make the connection between our mishaps and the plight of those whose circumstances are much worse – and to offer prayers for them.

Knowing How Our Lives Intertwine by Frances Sheridan Goulart and Stephanie Kaza encourages us to behave in light of our interconnectedness.

Making Eye Contact by Raphael Cushnir reminds us of an important way to connect with those who cross your path.

Meditation on Cultivating the Experience of Connectedness by Ezra Bayda expands our awareness of our state of connectedness – the connectedness of our breath and body with others and the environment.

The Sum of Us by Debra K. Farrington urges us to consciously nurture our connection to God and others by giving the people in our lives the support they need and by expressing our gratitude for them.

Think of Your Heart as a Sunflower by Robert Frager offers a practice to connect your heart with the hearts of everyone you meet.

Your Life My Life by Mitsu Aida reminds us what connects all life.

More Spiritual Practices about Connections