• Climate Change
    Join us in tackling this environmental, economic, and social problem as a central element of spiritual activism. These quotes, e-course, spiritual practices, films, books, organizations, teachers, and memes about global warming and climate change call us to change our ideas and actions about the environment, our everyday habits, and our interdependence.
  • Community
    Take on the fun, healing, protective, and sometimes difficult work of building a community of humans, Earth, and all her species. These books, films, prayers, quotes, spiritual practices and more steer us towards an understanding that we live in a concentric circle of connections that is full of untapped resources and capable of transforming the world for the better.
  • Conversations
    Find and create a hospitable spirit in your conversations with an array of resources. These articles, blog posts, book reviews, book excerpts, film reviews, prayers, quotes, spiritual practices, and websites on the art of conversation will enrich your ability to share and listen, facilitate understanding yourself and others, and foster deeper connections.
  • Diversity
    Cross over the barrier of difference to listen to the other, move toward mutual understanding and respect, forge new relationships, and engage in peacemaking. These book and film reviews, book excerpts, spiritual practices, articles, blogs, e-courses, quotes and more will help you build the courage to face the challenges of otherness, along with understanding, hospitality, and empathy.
  • Generosity
    Enjoy the intrinsic rewards of giving, like the high we get from helping others and the caring connections we build. These spiritual practices, articles, books, excerpts, quotes and more about giving from the heart will strengthen your practice of generosity, whether the kindnesses you share are monetary support, wisdom, nonjudgmental listening, or warm greetings with a smile.
  • Guns
    Extend your awareness of our interdependence with those who have experienced violence in which guns play a part. These spiritual practices, articles, blogs, books and excerpts, film reviews, poetry, teaching stories, rituals, prayers, and quotes provide a multifaceted look at the issues of gun violence and gun control.
  • Racism
    Gain a deeper understanding of racism in our world and develop empathy and compassion for its victims. These books, books excerpts, quotes, blog posts, personal explorations, and more provide antidotes to the fears and resentments at the root of racism through the spiritual practices of Compassion, Connections, Hope, Hospitality, Imagination, Justice, Kindness, Listening, Love, Meaning, Openness, Peace, Reverence, Shadow, Transformation, Unity, and X – The Mystery.
  • Surprise
    Explore the spiritual significance of not knowing with books, articles, art, blogs, films, memes, music, and more about opening our hearts to the unexpected turns in our lives. These resources help us accept the mysterious as tokens of God’s grace and presence, and open us to the accompanying riches of wonder, meaning, peace, and reverence.
  • Synchronicity
    Train your awareness to notice the grace of synchronicities and coincidences. A story, quotes, books, readings, and films about those happenings that signal the hidden meanings in the universe will help you become as attentive as a poet and as curious as a detective looking for clues.
  • Teaching
    Read about teaching as a vocation or watch movies about idealistic teachers. These quotes from Parker Palmer’s The Courage to Teach and links to 18 movies about teachers encourage contemplation of how teachers live out the spiritual practices of Connections, Enthusiasm, Hospitality, Imagination, Listening, Meaning, Nurturing, Openness, Questing, Transformation, Unity, Wonder, and You.