• Gilead: The Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Marilynne Robinson is an enchanting story about an elderly Congregational minister and the legacies and memories and meanings he wants to pass on to his seven-year-old son.
  • On the Threshold: Elizabeth J. Andrew mines the meanings in the ordinary in her spiritual memoir.
  • The Second Half of Life: Angeles Arrien offers a compelling primer on the second half of life, a time of great adventure and meaning.
  • Ethical Wills: Barry K. Baines has produced an invaluable resource on ethical wills as a way to pass on one's values, beliefs, and meaning to future generations.
  • Storycatcher: Christina Baldwin teaches how to make meaning out of the stories of our lives.
  • Healing Dreams: Marc Ian Barasch charts the multiple meanings of healing dreams.
  • Yiddishe Kop: Nilton Bonder assesses the ways in which Jews have learned through adversity to find meaning by reframing things.
  • Radical Optimism: Beatrice Bruteau presents the contemplative life as a search for truth and greater meaning.
  • The Way Things Are: Phil Cousineau brings together philosophical insights, cross-cultural epiphanies, religious truths, and memorable stories in this collection of interviews with Huston Smith.
  • Once and Future Myths: Phil Cousineau offers a lyrical and enthralling paean to myth as the soulful pulse underlying our search for meaning.
  • One River, Many Wells: Matthew Fox's latest contribution to the quest for meaning is a wide-ranging and substantive sourcebook of spiritual wisdom from the world's religions, contemporary scientists, and mystical seers.
  • The Workplace Revolution: Matthew Gilbert presents experiments and movements to bring more meaning to the business world and marketplace.
  • The Good Life: Peter J. Gomes proves that the character-building virtues of the Christian path can provide believers with both meaning and adventure.
  • Once Upon a Time in Africa: Joseph Healey gives us a sense of the meanings valued in Africa through a wonderful collection of African quotations and stories about family, community, and the ancestors.
  • Sacred America: Roger Housden measures the multiple meanings of today's spiritual renaissance in America.
  • Living a Life That Matters: Harold Kushner provides insights into those qualities that give life meaning and value; faith, conscience, integrity, service, and doing good.
  • It's a Meaningful Life: Bo Lozoff believes that spiritual practices, service of others, and kindness are the core meanings of life.
  • A Troubled Guest: Nancy Mairs discusses the many meanings death has assumed in her life.
  • Ruling Your World: Sakyong Mipham delivers wisdom from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition on how to take charge of our lives and find meaning in all that we do.
  • The American Soul: Jacob Needleman encourages American citizens to join in the meaning-making task of reimaging and therefore bring life to the spiritual underpinnings of the republic.
  • Deepening the American Dream: Mark Nepo and others comment on the spiritual values that can enable the American Dream to once again flourish and prosper.
  • The Force of Spirit: Scott Russell Sanders collects sterling essays that measure important meanings and provide images of the amazing adventure of everyday spirituality.
  • Words of Common Sense: Brother David Steindl-Rast salutes proverbs as a source of cross-cultural wisdom.
  • The Monk and the Philosopher: Jean-Francois Revel, a philosopher, and his son Matthieu Ricard, a monk, talk about their different takes on the meaning of life.
  • SQ: Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall explore spiritual intelligence, which they see as facilitating dialogue between reason and emotion, mind and body.


The Cunning Man by Robertson Davies is an entertaining and enlightening novel set in Toronto about the life and work of Jonathan Hullah, an unorthodox physician known for his unusual diagnostic skills. He wins many patients with a practice informed by the wisdom of perennial philosophy. This physician invests his work with spiritual meaning and savors all his experiences.

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