• Whitefoot: Poet and novelist Wendell Berry offers a meaningful story about the survival skills of a little mouse swept away in a flood.
  • If America Were a Village: David J. Smith offers a meaningful and thought-provoking overview of America's diversity and contrasts.
  • My Name Is Sangoel: Karen Lynn Williams and Khadra Mohammed salute the meaning and importance of ethnic and cultural tradition to immigrants in America.
  • Ayat Jamilah: Beautiful Signs: Sarah Conover and Freda Crane present a collection of meaningful Islamic stories and folktales for families to respond to with their hearts.
  • Harmony: Sarah Conover and Chen Hui provide a collection of 24 meaningful stories offering a glimpse into the philosophy and wisdom of China.
  • Kindness: Sarah Conover compiles Chinese and Buddhist stories and fables that display wisdom, compassion, and meaning.
  • The Gift: Carol Ann Duffy tells a lyrical tale with universal truths and meaning about the deep connections people have with special places that can nurture their souls.

More Children's Books on Meaning