Leo Lionni's picture book Frederick reveals that nurturing can come from many sources. A group of field mice are busily collecting food for the winter — all except Frederick. He is gathering other kinds of supplies. Months later, when it is dark and grey outside, Frederick comforts his friends with his poetic descriptions of the sun's warmth and the flowers' vivid colors.

Other books about sources of nurturing include:

  • Knitting Nell: Julie Jersild Roth presents the story of a little girl who knits to serve others and is a nurturing role model for all.
  • While Angels Watch: Marni McGee offers an enchanting book about the nurturing work of angels in the world.
  • On the Day You Were Born: Debra Frasier links a child's birth to miracles of the nurturing natural world through illustrations and facts.
  • My Friends the Flowers: William Lach encourages children to see flowers as nurturing friends and companions on their ecological journey together.
  • The Sun Seed: Jan Schubert presents Mother Earth's nurturing powers through the growth of a plant into a golden flower.
  • My Daddy is a Pretzel: Baron Baptiste is an accessible and practical resource book on the nurturing power of yoga for children.

More Children's Books about Nurturing