• Creating Sanctuary for Ourselves and Others
    Join Terry Hershey and Patricia Campbell Carlson to explore sacred space as both a personal boon and a cultural need that we all have a responsibility to fulfill. This exclusive 12-session e-course shares teachings, stories, personal examples, activities and reflections to spark your creativity as you design your own sanctuary and offer sanctuary to others.
  • Poetry to Nourish the Soul
    Be invigorated – drawn into a space of amazement, courage, and insight with Roger Housden. This e-course offers a month’s worth of poems to deepen your sense of peace, balance, love, and joy.
  • Practicing Spirituality with Joyce Rupp
    Enjoy the nurturing work of Joyce Rupp, member of the Servite (Servants of Mary) community, prolific writer, and co-director of the Institute of Compassionate Presence. This 40-part e-course offers short passages from Rupp’s books and simple practices to bring wisdom and your spirituality into the light of your everyday life.
  • The Journey of the Soul in the Teachings of Rumi
    Be nourished and inspired by the words of a true spiritual master. This 49-part e-course offers a deep exploration of key themes that form a coherent whole in the Sufi mystic’s literary and spiritual legacy.
  • Twenty Strategies for Healing
    Gain valuable insight from Drew Leder, M.D., Ph.D., internationally known scholar in the field of healing. This 12-session e-course offers 20 strategies for recovering your life’s wholeness and holiness.