Ways of practicing Nurturing include keeping the Sabbath, retreats, healing and body work, emotional intelligence, self-care, mudras, aromatherapy, martial arts, yoga, T'ai Chi, Qijong, Feng Shui, and the specific practices below.

  • Get up one hour earlier every day, or start your regular activities one hour later. Devote the hour to study, which in many of the world's religions is regarded as a sacred activity.
  • Tom Bender in Silence, Song and Shadows observes that to nurture our souls, we may need to heal the place where we live.
  • Christian author Flora Slosson Wuellner in Release shares a prayer she uses to bring herself into a more nurturing relationship with her body.
  • Sam Keen in Fire in the Belly challenges men to nurture their emotions and feelings in order to become "full-summed and spirited" beings.

More Spiritual Practices about Nurturing