Ways of practicing Nurturing include keeping the Sabbath, retreats, healing and body work, emotional intelligence, self-care, mudras, aromatherapy, martial arts, yoga, T'ai Chi, Qijong, Feng Shui, and the specific practices below.

Aerobic Walking Prayer by Bruce Epperly describes a way to use your breath during walking to help alleviate stress.

Become a Plant Steward by Stephen Buchmann proposes that we honor the mutual need between flowers and people.

Body Scan by Thich Nhat Hanh explains an exercise for releasing tension in the body, including any part that is ailing.

Cradle Your Feelings by Arjuna Ardagh treats grief, rejection, and despair tenderly.

Cuddle with Someone by Alan Epstein suggests cuddling to soothe yourself and another.

Diseases of the Spirit by Tom Bender observes that to nurture our souls, we may need to heal the place where we live.

Feelings and Emotions by Sam Keen challenges men to develop an understanding of the varying shapes of their emotional landscape.

Feeling Words by Nanette Sawyer offers a pathway to self-awareness and love through identifying your feelings.

Five Contemplations Before a Meal by Allan Lokos offers mindfulness practices for eating.

Gatha for Brushing Your Teeth by Barbara Ann Kipfer motivates us to utter only wisely chosen speech.

Humming by Pragito Dove suggests that we create a soothing, calming effect through humming.

Learn to Say No by Bernie S. Siegel offers advice for when we’re feeling burned out or overwhelmed.

Letting Your Body Rest by Nanette Sawyer invites us to honor the needs of our bodies.

Nurture Others by Frederic Brussat reminds us to tenderly love everyone and everything.

Pause by Habib Todd Boerger shares the wisdom of Jon Kabat-Zinn on integrating brief respites into your workday.

Remembering Your Buddha Nature by Thich Nhat Hanh recommends mindful breathing to remind ourselves of the energy of peace, freedom, compassion and understanding within.

Shrug to Release Tension by Sondra Kornblat and Susannah Seton presents a simple yoga technique to alleviate tension in the shoulders.

Study Time by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat invites us to nurture ourselves through sacred study.

Take a Mental Health Day by Alan Epstein encourages us to take time for ourselves.

Thank Your Body For Taking Charge by Frederic Brussat expresses gratitude for our bodies taking such good care of us.

This Joy Is Mine Also by Norman Fischer helps us to replace our “What about me?” way of thinking.

Watching a Waterfall by Hua-Ching Ni celebrates the curative aspect of nature in cleansing our worries and other emotions.

What Am I Adding? by Diane Eshin Rizzetto directs to investigate what our negative speech says about ourselves.

Who Am I Feeding? by Hale Sofia Schatz and Shira Shaiman presents a daily food and eating practice for becoming more physically, emotionally, and spiritually aware.

Your Refuge by Wayne Muller provides guidance for creating a place of refuge in your home, and for using it daily.

More Spiritual Practices about Nurturing