Ways of practicing Silence include contemplation, solitude, silent retreats, quieting the mind, centering prayer, and the specific practices below.

A Day of Silence by Raphael Cushnir reintroduces you to your quieter, more essential self.

A Day of Silence by Wayne Muller offers numerous recommendations for practicing silence and stillness.

A Media Fast by Jan Chozen Bays directs us to receive the good medicine of silence.

Children’s Ears in Nature by Jennifer Ward provides guidance for exploring quiet time and the sense of hearing with your child in nature.

Hold a Coin by Tom Cowan offers a practice to help us refrain from malicious gossip.

Moments of Silence by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat directs us to incorporate moments of silence in our days.

Rest Your Hands by Jan Chozen Bays offers a simple method to foster stillness.

Self-Seclusion by Yitzhak Buxbaum encourages us to practice being alone with ourselves and with God.

The Silence of God by Tom Cowan instructs us to search for, find, and listen to the silence of God.

Unplug Yourself by Donald Altman commends us to find rest in silence.

More Spiritual Practices about Silence