• A Field Guide to Solitude – 2017
    Learn how to embrace solitude, whether you just occasionally find yourself alone, deliberately take some time to be alone, or live alone. This 12-session e-course provides a pathway to being alone that brings you closer to wholeness, wisdom, and well-being.
  • Holy Silence: The Quaker Way
    Join J. Brent Bill, a lifelong member of the Religious Society of Friends, and author of numerous books on Quaker spiritual practices, to enter Holy Silence. This 12-session e-course offers ways to access the quiet inner place where God grants us insights, guidance, and understanding of truth.
  • Practicing Spirituality with Quakers
    Explore the richness of Quaker spirituality with teachers like Parker Palmer, J. Brent Bill, Rufus Jones, Scott Russell Sanders, Douglas Steere, and Richard J. Foster. This 40-part e-course offers resources to lighten your burdens, keep your soul alive, and inspire you to work with others.
  • Silence and the Spiritual Journey
    Explore the teachings of Father Thomas Keating with leaders from Contemplative Outreach. This 20-session e-course will guide you along the traditional signposts of a spiritual journey of purification into illumination, contemplation, and union.
  • Silence Night, Holy Night: A Retreat for Advent
    Delve into scriptures and mystical writings on the great themes of Advent to enrich your contemplative life. Join teachers from Contemplative Outreach in this 13-session e-course to explore themes including silence & stillness, beauty & splendor, inner preparation & expectation, Light, becoming, and Incarnation.