Many adults when asked what they enjoy most about being in the presence of little children mention their unquenchable curiosity and sense of wonder. "Childlike" is almost synonymous with "filled with wonder." Our artist for this spiritual practice is both. Alexander Calder created witty drawings, jewelry, wire sculptures, and action toys, including a miniature circus. He invented the mobile, a sculpture consisting of discs in various shapes connected with rods and wire and balanced so that the elements move in relationship to each other.

Mostly, the artist said he was interested in creating art that made people happy. And the mobiles do that by tickling our senses. Big Red is painted a vibrant color that the artist adored.Red Lily Pads consists of more red disks floating above a stationary pond; it is especially delightful when viewed from above. Lobster Trap and Fish Tail is a witty and charming mobile that flutters on currents of air. To see how one of the mobiles looks in action, just flip the pages of the book Alexander Calder and His Magical Mobiles; the mobile Dots and Dashes will dance around at the top of the pages.

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