• A Celebration of Rumi
    Explore the gifts of the great Sufi mystic’s poetry, teachings, and personal witness. These readings about the life and significance of Rumi, plus video clips of poetry readings and meditations, speak to the universal yearning for a closer connection to the Divine; a spiritual vision that is at once sensual, celebratory and pensive; identification with nature and animals; embracing mystery; and most of all, love – in the way we treat our neighbors and in how we relate to the Holy One.
  • Gardening
    Garden are special places – spiritual places – because they engage our senses, evoke our sense of wonder, bathe us in beauty, and connect us to a wider nonhuman world. They provide us a place of play and transformation – a setting where we can celebrate both The Mystery and our own larger being. These books, audios, movies, and quotes show how gardening can be a spiritual practice and how being in a garden can be a spiritual experience.
  • Humility
    Open a doorway to beauty, truth, learning, reconciliation, groundedness, community building, and life’s inexhaustible sweetness through humility. Through humility, we can let go of the stories we tell about ourselves, reach out to others with loving concern, and deepen our connection to the Divine. Book excerpts, prayers, quotes, teaching stories, and more deepen our understanding of humility and its value.
  • Laughing
    Be astonished by the connection of laughter with faith, prayer, and grace. These books, DVDs, quotes, excerpts, and spiritual practices offer a fresh outlook and provide many ways to appreciate laughing.
  • Surprise
    Explore the spiritual significance of not knowing with books, articles, art, blogs, films, memes, music, and more about opening our hearts to the unexpected turns in our lives. These resources help us accept the mysterious as tokens of God’s grace and presence, and open us to the accompanying riches of wonder, meaning, peace, and reverence.
  • Synchronicity
    Train your awareness to notice the grace of synchronicities and coincidences. A story, quotes, books, readings, and films about those happenings that signal the hidden meanings in the universe will help you become as attentive as a poet and as curious as a detective looking for clues.
  • Teaching
    Read about teaching as a vocation or watch movies about idealistic teachers. These quotes from Parker Palmer’s The Courage to Teach and links to 18 movies about teachers encourage contemplation of how teachers live out the spiritual practices of Connections, Enthusiasm, Hospitality, Imagination, Listening, Meaning, Nurturing, Openness, Questing, Transformation, Unity, Wonder, and You.
  • Walking
    Lift your spirit through exploring walking as a spiritual practice. It yields many dividends, such as replenishment of the soul and connection with the natural world, as well as facilitating problem-solving, self-esteem, health and healing, and heightened attention. Our resources on walking – books, excerpts, children’s books, films, prayers, quotes, and practices – can help you enjoy these benefits and others, such as encouraging dialogue and conviviality, leading to richer conversations, activating the imagination, opening the creative process, filling a devotional role, and providing peace and contentment in stressful times.
  • Whales
    Be wowed by the splendor of the Creation and its creatures. This curated content on whales – books, children’s books, DVDs, quotes, excerpts, prayers, and organizations defending them – gives you a good sampling of all the many ways to appreciate these marvelous mammals.
  • Yes
    Embrace what is by making our prayers and our lives become “yes.” These articles, books, films, memes, poetry, quotes, and more about finding our way to “yes” more quickly will help you embrace the adventure of life.