Ways to practice Wonder include awareness of senses, curiosity, seeing with the eyes of a child, reading nature poetry, curiosity, recognizing aha! moments, and the specific practices below.

Have a "Wonder Week." Concentrate each day on a different sense: Monday, smell; Tuesday, touch; Wednesday, taste; Thursday, seeing; Friday, hearing; and Saturday, synesthesia (the interplay of the senses). Notice what each sense is drawn to and irritated by. Try to expose your senses to new sensations. Go into a natural food stores, where herbs and spices are stored in bulk, and see how many you can identify by smell alone. Walk barefoot. Assemble a platter of as many tastes as possible: salty, sweet, bitter, bland, etc. Look for odd color combinations. Scan the stations on your radio noticing types of music, modulations of voices, and more.

More Spiritual Practices about Wonder