• The Essential Rumi: The thirteenth-century Sufi mystic who is the most popular poet in America today is the best teacher you could ever have for the spiritual practice of yearning.
  • Endless Light: David Aaron presents a series of meditations orchestrated around the theme of the art of receiving.
  • Ecstasy: Nahid Angha gathers sonnets and quatrains of five Sufi seers who yearn for unity with the Beloved.
  • The Drowned Book: Coleman Barks offers a translation of the writings of Rumi's father, a treasure trove of insights into Sufi yearning, mystery, and grace.
  • Full Exposure: Susie Bright's sexual manifesto celebrates the erotic element that animates passion.
  • Holy Hunger: Margaret Bullitt-Jonas writes about her addiction to compulsive overeating and the spiritual yearning behind it.
  • Fundamentals of Rumi's Thought: Sefik Can, a Sufi Shaikh, presents a splendid and enlightening sourcebook on the life, thought and practice of Rumi.
  • Yearning for the Wind: Tom Cowan's book is the right resource for those who yearn to tap into the primal pleasures of the natural world.
  • Sacred Longings: Mary C. Grey finds evidence of the spiritual practice of yearning in ecomysticism.
  • Our Lady of the Forest: David Guterson shows how the yearning for connection with God is the real miracle in sightings of the Virgin Mary.
  • Chasing Rumi: Roger Housden's love story about yearning reaches into the depths of the heart while traversing the bounties of the imagination.
  • God Hunger: John Kirvan examines the yearning for God of 10 mystics from Christian, Jewish, and Islamic traditions.
  • The Gift: Daniel Ladinsky presents his deliriously enchanting translations of 250 poems by Hafiz, beloved poet of Persia.
  • Eternal Echoes: Poet and Catholic scholar John O'Donohue probes the universal yearnings for intimacy and the tension between longing and belonging.
  • The Holy Longing: Catholic theologian Ronald Rolheiser defines Christian spirituality as holy longing.
  • Consuming Desire: Roger Rosenblatt edits an anthology looking at the shadow side of yearning — consuming desires driven by the engines of capitalism and the ecstasies of consumerism.
  • Love Is a Fire: Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee reflects upon the Sufi path as one based on the yearning for God.
  • Desiring Life: Norvene Vest explores Benedictine spirituality as a key to unlocking the Divine dimension in everyday life.


Some heroic figures in religion speak to those of us who yearn to express ourselves creatively in the name of God. The Journal of Hildegard of Bingen by Barbara Lachman is a fictional work that imagines a year in the life of this highly gifted twelfth century abbess who founded an autonomous community of Benedictine nuns. In these pages, Hildegard comes across as a prolific composer of liturgical songs, an accomplished healer, and a reflective spiritual leader. All of this grows out of her constant yearning to do God's will.

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