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  • When we were given the capacity to love, to speak, to decide, to dream, to hope and create and suffer, we were also given the longing to be known by the One who most wants to be completely known. It is a longing woven into the very fabric of the image in which we were made.
    — Robert Benson in Between the Dreaming and the Coming True
  • A soul that longs for something is a soul that is growing — one way or another, smaller or larger. What have your longings done to your life and its horizons — broadened them or crippled them?
    — Joan Chittister in The Psalms
  • Those whose desire to see is strong enough will discern the hand of the designer in the symmetrical pattern of the leaves, the paint strokes of the artist in the strata of the rocks, the blueprints of the engineer in the placement of the stars.
    — James Fadiman and Robert Frager in Essential Sufism
  • Blessed is the person whose desire for God has become like the lover's passion for the beloved.
    — Saint John Climacus quoted in The Ladder of the Beatitudes by Jim Forest
  • This hunger is better than any other fullness; this poverty better than all other wealth.
    — C. S. Lewis quoted in God Hunger by John Kirvan
  • I come empty handed, bringing to you nothing but my desire to receive your gifts. Fill my soul.
    — The Kabbalah quoted in God Hunger by John Kirvan
  • The desire to find God and to see him and to love him is the one thing that matters.
    — Thomas Merton quoted in God Hunger by John Kirvan
  • He finds God quickest whose concentration and yearning are strongest.
    — Sri Ramakrishna
  • Desire intrigues us, stirs the soul. We love stories about desire — tales of love, sex, wanderlust, haunting nostalgia, boundless ambition, and tragic loss. Many of the great secular thinkers of our time have made this fire, this force that so haunts us, the centerpiece of their thinking.
    — Ronald Rolheiser in The Holy Longing

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