The whimsical art of Jean Dubuffet demonstrates that the human spirit cannot be categorized and classified. Dubuffet thumbed his nose at the artistic establishment with his paintings of crude figures — reminders to us at least of our start as primitives. Figure in Redlooks like a child's drawing with its big head, red cheeks, and inquisitive look — there is an inner child in all of us. The same playfulness is evident in the artist's pictures in flattened dimensions (Corps de Dame: Blue Short Circuit, Hilarious Figure) and in his choice of mediums, even throwing botanical elements like leaves into the mix (Tobacco Man with Goatee). Dubuffet's "Hourloupe" series evolved from ball-point pen doodles, a motif eventually used on large three-dimensional sculptured forms covered with cells of various shapes and sizes outlined in red, white, blue, and black. Looking at human forms depicted in this style (Fiston la Filoche, Bidon l'Esbroufe), we are reminded that we are all complex and unpredictable beings — one of the key lessons of the spiritual practice of you.

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