• As It Is: Spiritual Journaling
    Follow your heart and the arc of your own life’s story in this 12-session e-course. The course provides guidance on using spiritual journaling to explore interior, interpersonal, social, and sacred realities.
  • Crafting Your Own Religion
    Reflect upon your approach to religion: reframing, renewing, and re-imagining what it means to you. This 12-session e-course explores how to work with time-honored elements to create a personal religion out of your own experience and inspiration.
  • Creating Your Life
    Move toward a sense of purpose with James Hollis and James Kullander. This 12-session e-course offers wise insights and practical steps to help you move towards a genuine feeling of satisfaction, depth, and worth.
  • Learning to Accept Grief as a Lifelong Companion
    Explore obstacles to grieving, revise your narrative, and build resilience so you are better able to hold sorrow with Sage-ing International members Joanne Turnbull and Claire Willis. This 12-session e-course offers poems, essays, personal stories, and exercises to help build resilience and increase your capacity to carry sorrow.
  • Moving Beyond Life’s Hurts
    Take a restorative and enlivening journey with Sage-ing International leaders and teachers. This 12-session e-course offers reflective tools and support to heal painful memories and relationships as well as explore the role of life review, forgiving self and others, reframing the past, and more.
  • ReStorying Your Life
    Learn to carry your life experiences as sources of empowerment, build bridges between your person life and understanding life around you, find meaning and purpose in tenuous times, and more. This 12-part e-course offers guidance from Christina Baldwin for a “life review” of your history, grief and gratitude, present path, and legacy.