One way to practice you is by celebrating birthdays. On the Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier is a beautiful picture book that sets the coming of an infant into the world in the context of the responses from migrating animals, the flaming sun and the glowing moon, the spinning earth and the glittering stars, the rising tide and the falling rain, the growing trees and the rushing air, and a circle of singing people. The earth community provides us with a divine milieu where we can flourish all the days of our lives.

Here are more ways to cherish the distinctly wonderful person you are:

  • Becoming Me: Christopher Gilvan-Cartwright and Martin Boroson point out the uniqueness of each person and affirm that God is in every one.
  • Wanda's Freckles: Barbara Azore presents a book about self-esteem and how to have the resilience to fend off attacks on your individuality.
  • What Will You Be, Sara Mee?: Kate Aver Avraham presents a Korean ritual designed for one-year-old children to predict the vocational path they might take someday.
  • Interrupting Chicken: David Ezra Stein offers a zany tale about a little chicken's impatience and her creativity.
  • Am I Really Different?: Evelien van Dort affirms the individuality of those who feel different and celebrates the perception that each one of them is worthy of admiration.
  • Little Pig Joins the Band: David Hyde Costello is a clever story about a little pig who surprises himself by building on the stuff he finds within himself.

More Children's Books about You