What did you enjoy doing as a child? Find a way to bring that enjoyment back into your life. It is important to spend time playing each day. What you consider play may seem like work to others, but that is not the issue. How you define what you are doing is what matters.

Think of earning a living doing what you consider relaxing and playful. When you are doing what you love, you are contributing not only to the world but also to your own health.

I might have been an artist instead of a surgeon if I had known as a child that people bought paintings. I can't imagine a more joyful life than being paid for doing what you love to do; then you are never really working. I find that in many ways writing fits in this category. I learn while I write, and if my writing also helps others to cope with life, then we are all being given a gift. It isn't work, but love made visible.

One word about guilt: too often we are brought up to feel guilty playing and relaxing. I say to you, that's ridiculous! You and I know that on our deathbeds we are not going to be sorry for the time we spent playing and relaxing. But we will regret the time we didn't spend enjoying life with our loved ones.

Solution of the Day: Start noticing what "play" is for you. Then allow yourself not to feel guilty doing what you enjoy.

Bernie S. Siegel in 365 Prescriptions for the Soul