Visualize yourself being more creative. Think about which skills or talents you've always wanted to develop. Do you want to sculpt, paint, play music, write, build things, organize groups? Whatever it is, imagine yourself doing it.

Sit quietly and see yourself already doing what your heart desires. If your passion is painting, see yourself in front of a blank canvas, your colors arrayed provocatively on your palette. Now watch as you begin to apply the paint. Whether you choose to paint something that exists, like a scene or a portrait, or you want to let the colors themselves create the composition, see yourself working steadily to complete the painting.

Can you imagine yourself doing this on a regular basis? What emotions arise in you when you think about your creative side this way? Are you frightened, or reluctant to admit that you have the capability to perform these tasks? Or are you confident that before long you could actually let the artist in you come out?

Alan Epstein in How to Be Happier Day by Day