To become conscious of God in times of uncertainty and despair, the Qur'an asks us to recite the words, "To God we belong and to God we shall return" (2:156). We can repeat the verse like a mantra while focusing on the heart. Or, alternatively, we can focus on our breath, saying with every inhalation, "To God we belong," and upon exhalation, "to God we shall return."

Walking This Practice into the World

In the course of your day, strive to remain conscious of Divinity as often as possible. In times of difficulty, the Qur'an promises that God "prepares a way of emergence and provides in ways" that cannot be imagined (65:3). Rumi says that in times of affliction, God sends a "stretcher from Grace."

Jamal Rahman in Finding Peace through Spiritual Practice by Don Mackenzie, Ted Falcon, Jamal Rahman