When things are swirling faster and faster, you can use a mantra, a word or phrase that you say to remind you to keep your center and therefore conserve your energy. In her book Positive Energy, Judith Orloff explains that one way to translate the word mantra is "that which protects you from negative energy." It's a way not to get caught up in a downward spiral of energy-draining negativity.

Find one that works for you. In her book The Power of Patience, M. J. Ryan suggests: "I have all the time I need." Orloff suggests the Beatles' "Let it be." It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it works to increase your positive energy. You can say it silently or out loud, and you might want to write it somewhere where you can see it whenever you need it.

Susannah Seton, Sondra Kornblat in 365 Energy Boosters