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Take a Restorative Bath A suggestion to rejuvenate with a good soak.
Scratch Your Hands Simple instruction for nurturing our organs with reflexology.
Use a Mantra Encouragement to find and use a word or phrase that is heartening to you.
Get Rid of Negative Energy Tips for dispelling the energy of a difficult day or encounter.
Practice Gratitude Tips for cultivating energy through counting your blessings and noticing the goodness.
See If Affirmations Will Work for You Encouragement and ideas for experimenting with affirmations.
Practice Positivism Questions to help us find what's good and positive in all circumstances.
365 Energy Boosters Susannah Seton and Sondra Kornblatt on understanding your energy habits.
365 Energy Boosters Exercises, supplements, and activities that can be used to rev yourself up when your energy is low and you feel draggy.
Shrug to Release Tension Simple yoga to alleviate tension in the shoulders.